New approaches to hair loss

People have tried every conceivable thing to stop hair loss and regrow the lost hair. They rubbed the juice all fruits and vegetables, herbs and extracts all available. Still, there was no effective treatment for any hair growth. Undoubtedly, many natural and herbal treatments for hair growth, but almost all lack of regular inspections. If you ever hope to grow hair naturally, you need to learn natural medicine carefully. And even those who need proven effects take time and patience to be effective. The other thing that natural medicine is the least preferred option in this age of technology, the interim results. Hairs grown from natural sources does not last, and start shedding off as soon as the use is discontinued.

Now there are three types of hair growth treatments to help regrow hair naturally restore a thicker and fuller hair. These include medical treatment, laser treatment, and the hair restoration surgery.

Medical Hair Growth Treatment

There are a few options available to treat this medicine. In fact, these treatments better results if you take them together with each other. Let's take a look at these FDA-approved drugs for hair loss is effective.

• Finasteride: Finasteride is the generic name perhaps the most effective hair loss drug. This drug treats hair loss inhibiting hair production killer DHT hormone. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the main hormone that signals the hair follicles to die – the most common cause of androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. To date, the inhibition of this hormone is the most effective way to stop hair loss. In addition, loss control, this medicine thickens fine hair and it's a particularly significant impact.

• Minoxidil: This is the second largest effective treatment. It is marketed as a topical solution. Minoxidil is the generic name; famous brand names of this medication include Rogaine and Hair Max. You need to take this solution to the scalp twice daily or as prescribed by your doctor and massage for a few minutes.

• Ketoconazole: This drug is marketed, shampoo-like solution. This encourages hair growth by taking the scalp is cleansed of the fungus and dandruff. You need to use this shampoo twice a week, for 3-5 minutes and leave the skin on your head.

There is no doubt, the researchers studied these drugs, and found to be effective, it is not perfect yet. First, their effectiveness varies person. You may find it very efficient, while the other may have little effective. Second, the effects of all the drugs only temporary. We will maintain your hair until you continue the use of these drugs. When you decide to stop your treatment, you will lose your hair maintained by these drugs. Third, like any other drug, hair loss drug is not without side effects. We need to talk about the side effects before starting treatment.

low-level laser therapy

Low-level laser with some measurable results to stimulate hair growth. Currently, it is regarded as a convenient alternative to drug therapy with fewer side effects. However, efficiency is a matter of debate. Until now, it can not show a dramatic improvement in hair density.

Surgical hair replacement hair growth treatment

Hair transplantation is still the most effective treatment to date. It can restore hair balding places in an efficient and predictable manner. Hair transplantation extracts of healthy hair follicles from these resistant balding areas of the head and one of the plants to the bald areas. Not all the hairs on our heads prone to balding. While at the beginning of the hair and scalp are prone to hair loss, the sides and back of the head are resistant to it. This method allows the use of these high reserves of hair on our head.

• Follicular Unit Transplantation: Alias ​​ Remove the tape method, excise FUT a strip of scalp, usually in the back of the head, and dissects required to obtain hair follicles. The wound was sutured and the graft from the strip and implanted in the bald or thinning areas.

• Follicular Unit Extraction: FUE instead of one relatively newer and more advanced technology, removing the traditional strip methods. This method involves extracting hair follicles on the scalp directly, without cutting and sewing the scalp. Follicles are extracted with a specially designed punch diameter smaller than 0.1 mm. What FUE is a preferred choice for physicians and patients to be able to extract hair follicles to form body parts chest, underarms, and legs as well.

FUE • Stem: Stem Cell FUE the latest development of the FUE hair transplant. This is the fastest, safest and most effective hair transplant techniques to date. It uses an automatic punch extraction of hair follicles in the highest possible speed. It also allows the regrowth of hair in the donor area, in order to ensure the most natural effect.

The hair transplant is only one limitation: the availability of donor hair. Currently, there is no way to create new hair follicles; Therefore patients should be healthy balding-resistant hair follicles on the scalp or anywhere in the body. Fortunately, most of us enough donor hair on the scalp or body for a dramatic improvement in hair density.

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