Don & # 39; ts Skincare that every girl might need to ignore

Here are some things you should avoid if you want in a radiant, soft skin in a short time

1. Foods to Avoid

If we start debating a general skincare note, the conversation skin unhealthy food never ends. Therefore, if it separates a larger scale, it must keep in mind that caffeine, oily food, and eat too much sweet can be an extremely adverse effect on the condition of the skin. Anything you consume has a direct effect on the skin and eats things like crisps and chocolate regularly be the cause of acne is ongoing.

2. Exfoliate not too much:

Nothing wrong with moisturizer every day, but when it comes to scaling, you have to keep a strong check on the routine that you do not overdo it. The skin needs some time to recover and let it begin the work of cleansing and toning. If you regularly exfoliate or use of scrubs, skin cells will be damaged, which will eventually cause redness, itching, and much more.

3. Makeup Don & # 39; ts

Most people find it strange to consult a skin care specialist every other issue, but on the advice of a professional can be an extraordinary effect on the skin. Furthermore, it is a well known fact that wearing makeup on a daily basis can be as harmful as the skin needs to breathe. The pores on your face can enhance or clog, for that matter. Even if you wear makeup every day, try BB Cream SPF exceeding 15 protects the skin and flawless makeup finish.

4. Stress and Skincare: caused

Similar to the effect of food, stress, work your way towards the destruction of the skin. Most women have the habit of touching their faces too, when under pressure or impact stress. What we do not know is that the bacteria in your hands constantly over the sensitive cells of the face, causing dullness and pimples return starts to grow.

5. Products The bad:

When someone talks about the bad products, they say, about two generic make-up and skin care products. If you do not use a face wash to go to the skin type you have, they can not do good to your face. Similarly, if you have oily skin and use a liquid foundation is bad just because the color looks good, it destroys the health of your skin. The extreme developments in the field of beauty care products, there is nothing that you can not find your skin type.

Do not use products or things that are not suitable for the skin. If you notice that something is wrong as a product for the first time, you should never use it again. To maintain a healthy diet to cleanse the body from the inside out.

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